Who We are

In any given year, our Membership consists of 40-50+ high net worth families,  plus experienced F1000 C-Suite executives, and successfully exited founders. We provide funding, mentoring, strategic introductions to early-revenue (seed stage) technology companies. Since 1997, our Members have funded 100+ companies in a wide range technologies and sectors, with a strong preference for capital efficiency and an enterprise / B2B focus.

Our "Yes, And" Membership Model

We are a friendly and inclusive angel group. We regularly welcome local and virtual members who want to learn and enjoy disciplined, thesis driven startup investing from a “founder friendly” perspective. We know and focus on the types of investments we like, size of markets (TAM / SAM), entry point valuation, founder expertise – and enjoy making deals where investors and founders can win. 

We welcome less experienced and first time startup investors and are enthusiastic teachers, mentors and collaborators – without judgement or pressure. We welcome experienced investors who like to write big checks and invest directly on company cap tables – as well as conservative investors who would rather invest smaller amounts in a larger cohort of companies via SPV’s. 

We enjoy in-person and virtual gatherings where everyone can comfortably participate. We offer flexible membership types to make our group the most welcoming in the American West. We LOVE our local Reno / Tahoe and Vegas communities – and want to share them with virtual, seasonal, and visiting members from all over the world – as well as the founders and companies we invest in. 

Talk with us to learn more and, if we’re a fit –  join our group.   

We believe that startup and angel investing, in support of entrepreneurship, is is a prominent catalyst for innovation and a driver of economic diversity, resiliency and growth. We are community leaders, startup founders, startup investors, mentors, teachers, leaders – and truly enjoy working with our neighbors, legislators, and community organizations to grow our startup ecosystem in Reno, Tahoe, Las Vegas – and throughout Nevada.

Examples of innovation & entrepreneurial ecosystem building projects on which our Members work / participate:

    • Teaching: UNR & UNLV College(s) of Engineering

    • Teaching: UNR College of Business

    • 2021 Legislature: SB-9 (Blue Sky Law Update)

    • 2023 Legislature: AB-75 (Nevada Certified Investor Law)

    • 2023 Legislature: AB-77 (Right to Start)

    • 2023: Angel Capital Association (ACA) National Convention (Las Vegas)

    • Leadership: UNR Honors College

    • Leadership: UNR & UNLV IP Commercialization / Licensing

Join us and put your talent, enthusiasm and capital to work!

Our Philosophy

Membership Types

Sierra Angels Offers several membership types.  Active members typically make 2-4 direct or SPV investments* per year.  Social members make at least 1 investment*.

2024 Annual Membership types and fees:

    • Active (Standard) Member:                          $1,750 / year
    • Social (Senior) Member:                                $2,250 / year
    • Active Virtual / Seasonal Member:              $1,000 / year
    • New Member Initiation Fee:                           $  500 / one time
    • Executive Member (born 1988 or later):      50% membership discount

Standard and Social Memberships include up to 2 family members for all social functions, cocktails, meals, venue expenses, etc. Virtual and Seasonal members may attend in-person social functions on a per event fee basis @ $125/event.

Sierra Angels holds 8 in-person dinners and social events per year.  We like to have fun and be social while making great investments.

*Investment sizes range widely from $10k via a SPV’s to $250k+ directly onto the company’s cap table – and everything in between.  Most Sierra Angels invest between $25k and $200k per year across multiple startups.