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About Sierra Angels

Founded in North Lake Tahoe in 1997


Since 1997, our Members have funded 100+ companies in a wide range technologies and sectors, with a strong preference for capital efficiency and an enterprise / B2B focus. Our Membership consists of 40+ high net worth families,  experienced F1000 executives, and successfully exited founders who provide funding, mentoring, strategic introductions to early-revenue (seed stage) technology companies. 


Our Preferences

Startups with some of the following characteristics attract the highest interest and investment from our members:

    • Seed Stage Capital Efficient Startups raising a round of <$3M
    • Novel solutions with a large Enterprise B2B TAM / SAM 
    • Driven Founder(s) with deep expertise in their market
    • Some competition helping to educate the market
    • Unique solution approach with a competitive moat / IP
    • Early Revenue from 2 or more customers 
    • Compelling Go to Market Plan / Growth focused use of funds
    • Post Money Valuation (Cap) allowing for a >30x return
    • NV or DE C-Corp Formation
    • Likely timeframe to exit in <10 years
    • Regional Proximity is a bonus

We believe the difference between a good idea and a great business
is team and execution, and we're here to help.
it's OUR way of living.

Why Choose Us

Our Philosophy

Supporting Economic Growth

We believe that startup investing, in support of entrepreneurship, is a catalyst for innovation and a driver of economic growth in Nevada, in the American West, and throughout the country.

Fostering Innovation

We work to expand the startup ecosystem through active engagement and teaching at UNR and UNLV. We actively engage with elected officials to create startup and venture capital friendly laws, regulations, and incentives. We maintain close relationships with economic developers like StartUpNV, EDAWN, LVGEA and GOED. We work directly with the corporate community to foster innovation and support the startup community.

Our "yes and" Membership Model

Our membership is friendly and diverse. Our investment approach is thesis driven and founder friendly. New arrivals and seasonal residents join to get to know their local neighbors and invest alongside virtual members from all over the US. Members love our dual focus to make great investments and have fun. We are disciplined, experienced investors - and we enjoy teaching less experienced members "how to" - without pressure or judgement. We love to meet in person and virtually, whatever works best for each member. We have a traditional membership program and an inclusive virtual and "executive" (born after 1988) memberships.

Talk with us and find out if we're a fit for you!